Ava Chow

I am a developer, specializing in C++, Python, and Java although I can do other stuff with programming and server maintenance and management. Currently I am an engineer at Blockstream. I primarily work on Bitcoin Core and on the Hardware Wallet Interface. My focus is on wallet functionality and interoperability between different wallet software. I also perform Gitian builds for Bitcoin Core and all build results can be found on my Github fork of Bitcoin.

Every Monday at 2 PM Eastern Time (America/New York Timezone), I livestream my work on Bitcoin Core and HWI on Twitch.

I am also the moderator of the Technical Support and Development and Technical Discussion sections of Bitcointalk

If you would like to support my work, please visit my donations page.


I have worked on many projects, all of which are open source and can be viewed in my Github account. Some of these projects are for myself and others projects commissioned by others. Some of my projects involve modifying existing open source projects

Notable Work

Some notable projects and contributions.


These are the things I currently work on.


Unfortunately some things fall by the wayside and are no longer actively maintained. Or sometimes I just move on from things and stop contributing to them.